About Us

Women's Shave Club provides a quality razor at an affordable price designed for the everyday woman on the go.  

Most of us are constantly going from one task to the other.  Whether that means dropping off your kids at school, managing your hectic work schedule, or going to happy hour with the girls, who has time to stop and buy a razor?  It's usually not until we have an event that we realize it's probably been a while since we last shaved.

We take the extra trip to the store out of the equation and deliver the razors to your door every month!  Did we mention the razors are made from high-quality Swedish steel, have Aloe Vera + Vitamin E moisture strips, with flexibility? Yup.

Our staff takes great pride in making sure the customer service is just as great as our product.  We're here any time you need us & are always willing to hear you out.  

Go on girl, slay the day with The Women's Shave Club!  

Happy Shaving,


The Women's Shave Club