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How to Shave Your Legs Perfectly

The thing about hair removal is that unlike other normal rites of passage, such as riding a bike or learning how to parallel park, no one ever actually teaches you how to shave your legs. Even in the beauty world, there are few YouTube beauty influencers posting videos about how to shave your body hair correctly. (Tutorials about shaving your legs do technically exist, but those making them aren't exactly experts.)


Seven things to avoid after getting a Brazilian wax, from sex to working out

I hate having hair on my vagina. In the winter, having hair down there doesn’t bother me. However, I love traveling and being active outside when it’s warm out, and pubic hair doesn’t fit into that equation. Although I did my share of research on Brazilian waxes, I was never convinced that someone ripping the hair out of my vagina was worth it. I decided to stick with shaving because it was easy, cost-efficient, and relatively pain-free (with the exception of razor bumps and ingrown hairs that I learned to combat over the years).


11 Little Things You Should Never Do Before Or After Shaving

We all know the things to avoid while shaving, like going against the grain (ouch) or shaving dry skin (ouch again). But what about the things to avoid before or after shaving? What should you never do in the lead up, and what should you stay away from once your skin is silky smooth?

Well, turns out there are several little pre- and post-shave habits that can cause a few problems. (Think along the lines of razor bumps, irritation, and maybe even infections.) It is pretty easy, however, to do things the right way and keep your skin feeling great. It just takes a little planning.

"Prepping your skin before shaving is so important," says Lisa Dolan, licensed esthetician and founder of Lark Skincare. "Before you start shaving, you want to have a clean slate so be sure to always use a great exfoliating scrub ...  It is vital to slough off dead skin cells." She then recommends applying a shave cream or oil, and following up the whole process with a great moisturizer. (Preferably one that doesn't contain water.)

Those are the things you should do. Now on to the things you shouldn't. If you shave your legs, bikini line, armpits (or anywhere else), read on for things you should never ever do before or after shaving.


What No Shave November could mean for women

No Shave November is a furry time of year for men. It is a month of exceptions in which untrimmed beards, twirling mustaches and unkempt body hair are not only acceptable but encouraged. Unfortunately, this is not an exception made for women.


6 Things that any Person with Sensitive Skin Should Know

Sensitive skin is a very common problem among many people. Sensitive skin identifies as being extremely dry and leads to prone reactions as skin bumps, pustules or a slow erosion of the affected skin. Still, a sensitive skin could mean that the person has some disorders or suffers from some allergies that are triggering some bad skin symptoms. Unfortunately, there isn't any wonder medicine that


Not shaving isn’t always a choice for women of colour

When I was 15, one of my friends pulled up her pants and said, “My legs are disgusting! I haven’t shaved since the last time I wore shorts!” Two other (white) girls also exposed their legs and lamented about how lazy they were to ...

Why Did Women Start Shaving Their Body Hair? The Answer Might Surprise You

Why Did Women Start Shaving Their Body Hair? The Answer Might Surprise You Don’t freak out. This isn’t a ploy to get women to stop shaving or waxing. To each their own, my only intention is to wake people up to a new perspective on women...

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