You know those holiday moms who are super into all the things? You know, the ones who have evidence of tiny leprechauns peeing in their toilets and the Elf on the Shelf doesn’t just come for Christmas, but for ALL the holidays and birthdays? Crafts galore, tubs full of decorations. From New Years to Columbus Day, there’s always a reason to celebrate.

Kudos to y’all.

I’m not that mom. 

I had dreams of being that mom. Turns out that just stresses me out and leprechauns are a whole lot less fun if the leprechaun also makes them cry. We have fun in other ways–last night, we got home later than expected and had a late-night French fry date and talked and laughed.

We were eating fries (on the couch!) at 11:00 pm, but that was my kind of fun momming. Hopefully my children won’t wind up being delinquents.

When I saw the whole shaving cream Easter Eggs things that’s popped up, I was like, “That is my kind of Easter egg dying!” No cups of dyed vinegar, begging to be spilled. No fighting over who gets to put their egg in the teal cup. No egg wobbling precariously on the metal hook before splashing into said dyed vinegar. No swear words. No tears. You know, the hallmarks of my “fun holiday activities.”

Turns out my kids loved it, too. They didn’t miss the vinegar smell, but they did love the smell and texture and thought it was pretty awesome when the food coloring swirled into the shaving cream. Side note–this WILL discolor hands, so keep that in mind. The food coloring was gone by the next day, but judging by the amount of outrage this post received due to hand discoloration, I thought I’d give you guys fair warning. 

You’re going to need some food coloring, shaving cream (just cheap, regular shaving cream; also, be sure not to get shaving gel; it is not adequately fluffy. Also, you can totally use thawed Cool Whip if you’re worried about shaving cream getting into your eggs–they’re porous, so chances are good they’ll taste a little soapy), hard boiled eggs (while I actually really prefer doing them in my Instant Pot, you may want to go the old-fashioned route here–the extra water that seeps into the shell that makes them kind of difficult to peel also gives them more stability).

Spray some shaving cream into the bottom of a glass or ceramic baking dish (it will discolor metal dishes)

and add some coordinating drops of food coloring. You can see I’m doing two “sets” of colors in each dish.

Use a bamboo skewer or butter knife to swirl the colors into the shaving cream.

(Also, how perfect are these Fiestaware pie plates?? I’ve had the turquoise dish for a few years now, but I recently got the lemongrass plate and it makes me all kinds of happy!)

Place some hard boiled eggs in the dyed shaving cream…

and roll them around so they’re completely coated (make sure the food coloring is making actual contact with the egg.)

Remove the eggs and place them on a plate and allow them to stand for awhile–15-20 minutes seemed to be a good timeframe for us. Also, we discovered that the yellows and greens didn’t show up as well; go for the darker, vibrant varieties, and you may even want to consider using the heavy-duty concentrated gels, which you can find at places like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and many kitchen supply stores.

Wipe off the shaving cream with a paper towel and voilá! Beautiful swirly eggs!

We hope you have a wonderful, fun, safe Easter weekend! If you’re still looking for menu ideas, check out this post!